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Domain name strategist Bill Sweetman is a successful and respected domain name industry business leader with extensive experience in the domain aftermarket (or secondary market) of premium domain names, including domain pricing, distribution, and sales. He has provided strategic domain name advice to major companies around the world for over 20 years.

Bill is the President & Lead Ninja of Name Ninja, a boutique domain name consulting firm that helps companies acquire, manage, protect, and profit from their domain names. Name Ninja offers a suite of domain name consulting services for startups, entrepreneurs and marketers, corporate domain name owners, and new gTLD registries and operators.

Prior to launching Name Ninja, Bill was Vice President, Domain Portfolio at Tucows as well as General Manager of YummyNames. During his five year stint at Tucows, Bill tripled the company’s Domain Portfolio business to over $10M in annual revenue, increased sales volume 800%, launched the successful YummyNames service, and managed the sale of over $20M of premium domain names. Bill led all of the domain name monetization efforts for Tucows and he and his team managed one of the largest premium domain name portfolios in the world.

A self-confessed domain name fanatic, Bill registered his very first domain in 1994 (which he later sold for five figures) and has been perfecting his “Domain Karate” moves ever since.

Bill is also one of the Internet marketing industry's most respected authorities and his innovative work over the last two decades has been recognized by numerous awards, including the prestigious Internet World Impact Award for Communications.

Bill is a popular speaker at industry conferences, and he is frequently interviewed by the media as a domain name expert. Bill is a contributor to various trade publications and blogs, including his own acclaimed Internet marketing blog, Sweetmantra, located at

Bill Sweetman can be reached in Toronto, Canada at
or 416-203-7033.